Protect your quality of life – I’m your no growth candidate

Dear Friend,

Unrestrained development will turn us into another Myrtle beach before imploding on us, unless we put a growth moratorium on new development, both commercial and residential. Let’s not lose our vision of why we came here — tranquility! Overdevelopment is a bad thing, once something is built it is irreversible. Remember in economics, overgrowth is not a good thing.

A growth moratorium is a win-win for all of us. It is good for the business community, since there is a shortage of labor. It is good for home values, because traffic problems will not worsen and the environmental beauty of our island will be preserved. Medical facilities and wellness centers will be exempt from the moratorium.

Hilton Head Island has 193 restaurants, fifteen supermarkets, and countless other stores — it is obvious we are overdeveloped.

Density: Hilton Head Island has 958 people per square mile, this is ten times the national average of 91. During the high season it swells to 3,600 people per square mile. Overwhelming? I think so.

Have you had enough? The developers sold us a vision, now they are getting overly greedy. Stop the unnecessary over-development of our beautiful island.

Stop The Greed

Be kind to yourself, put your interests first, and have the courage to say no to overdevelopment.

I am the only candidate who wants to be your mayor on a full-time basis. None of my opponents are willing to do that— my opponents only want to be your mayor on a part-time basis — this is not enough mayoral work-time to oversee a two billion dollar island economy.

Protect your quality-of-life, and make Hilton Head Island history by having the courage to say no to greed and no to the beginnings of an environmental crisis.

Michael Santomauro

PS: Text or call me any time 843-415-1480

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