About Me

My Background

I am a certified business appraiser, author, consultant, guest personality – radio, TV, speaker at seminars, former owner of several businesses, qualified as an expert business appraisal witness in New York State Courts.

Born in 1959, coming from a poor background with two loving parents and three brothers, five of us in a small one-bedroom apartment, I graduated high school early, and after two years of college started my own company Roommate Finders at the age of 19. During my twenty-two year entrepreneurial endeavors of being a Business Broker (Business Finders), Party Promoter (Singles Finders), non-degree Psychotherapist, as well as holding the record of being the youngest Business Appraiser to be recognized as an expert witness by the New York Supreme Court. At the age of forty, I retired as a self-made millionaire in order to pursue intellectual interests, as a political blogger and a publisher of history books.

I am determined to be the best Mayor in Hilton Head Island’s history. I will be a full-time Mayor, not a part-time Mayor.